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  1. How often do I need a dental check up and clean?

    For most members of the community we recommend six montly recall. However, we may establish individual reasons like high decay risk or rapid calculus (tartar) formation that require more frequent attendance.

  2. How often should I brush and floss?

    Bacterial plaque is continually building in our mouth, frequently disrupting this buildup is important to minimise the damage it causes. Ideally teeth brushing should happen twice a day and flossing daily. 


    • should take atleast 2 minutes
    • apply very gentle pressure to avoid damage gums and tooth surfaces
    • brush outter surfaces of the teeth and inner surfaces of the teeth paying extra attention ot the gum line
    • brush the chewing parts of the teeth
    • brush the tongue

    Commonly missed plaque and food retentive areas are the back molar teeth and gum margins. 


    Brushing alone will not target areas between teeth

    • length of floss and type of floss can be personal preference
    • hold floss taugtly between index fingers and thumbs gently seesaw floss between teeth
    • curve the floss around the base of each tooth gently travelling below the gum line
    • make sure this is repeated for every tooth in the mouth

    Many people do not like floss because it takes too long, hurts or makes their gums bleed. With regular flossing technique will improve and the gums will be healthy and free from inflammation resolving bleeding or pain issues. 

    Even with excellent oral hygiene it is still important to have regular scale and cleans to remove the the mineralised plaque (calculus) build up. 

    Please ask for a live demonstration of the discussed techniques next time we see you. 

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Emergency Dentistry

  1. What should I do in the event of a dental emergency?

    Please phone us as soon as possible. If we have no regular appointment times available every effort will be made to open an early, late or lunch time appointment to relieve you of dental pain. On exceptionally busy days the reception staff may find it difficult to allocate a time for you, please leave a short detailed message with them for your regular dentist. The dentist will call you back as soon as possible and exercise their informed disgression on what to do next.

    If you are in pain after hours and can not wait you may wish to try these options:

    Emergency Dental Care

    235 Marion Road, Marleston SA 5033

    0417 875 671 ‎

    ADA Emergency Service

    Australian Dental Association

    2/62 King William Road, Goodwood SA 5034

    (08) 8272 8111

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Cost and Payment

  1. How much will my treatment cost and when do I need to pay?

    We appreciate that it is important for you to aware and prepared for the cost of your dental treatment. Once the appropriate treatment has been determined we can give you a comprehenisve itemised quote to take home. Appointments can be spread out over intervals that suit you to ensure you obtain the ideal required dental treatment without jeopardising your financial budget. 

    We are unable to give out accounts and accept payment after your appointment if you have private health insurance we can claim the rebate and you only need to pay the gap. 

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Useful Links

  1. What are some other helpful dental websites I can visit?

    The Australian Dental Association website maybe helpful in answering further questions.

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