Family Dental Care


A fantastic product that buffers acid attack preventing the development of cavities and helping to remineralise early areas of weakened enamel. We have also be able to conservatively treat mild fluorosis with this product. Sold in mint, strawberry and vanilla flavours. 

Curaprox tooth brushes have ultra soft and densely packed bristles minimising damage to oral soft and hard tissues whilst achieving a superior clean.

Curasept mouth rinses contain antibacterial agent chlorhexidine that is most effective against oral bacteria. This unique mouth wash has anti-discolouration properties preventing staining of teeth.  

We have a carefully selected range of Oral B dental products. 

We have a carefully selected range of Colgate dental products.
We do not believe in making a profit  from you on  dental products, when possible every effort is made to sell these products at cost price.