Family Dental Care


Sopro Intra Oral Camera

The educational power of intra oral cameras are exceptional. Patients can clearly see existing problems and benefits from treatment. Small camera wand allows easy placement in the mouth and large high quality screen gives excellent visual display. 

Durr Vistascan

Leading digital x-ray system produces images with high resolution for all diagnostic demands. Image plates require less exposure time decreasing the amount of radiation patients are exposed to. Images are processed faster and saved electronically to a specialised software improving diagnostic potential of the image and protection against deterioration over time.

Air-Flow Polishing

The latest technology in removal of plaque and staining on teeth.  

Micro Etcher

This removes any debris from the tooth surface that may inhibit bonding between the restorative material. It also creates microporosities improving surface area for a stronger bond.

Twisted Files & Soft Core

Rotary endodontic file system that allows more accurate and effective cleaning of complex root canal systems. 

Obturation system that ensures a tight seal preventing the future ingress of bacteria.


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Equal emphasis is placed on preventing dental diseases as treating them. Education and advice will be tailored to each individual to ensure your oral health is stabilised and maintained. 
We strive to use the latest restorative materials to ensure longevity rewarding your time and effort spent in the dental chair. We use a superior intra-oral camera to take before and after shots allowing you to see and judge the difference. 
Managing oral soft tissues and dental bone is extremely important in preventing mobility and eventual loss of teeth. Recent research has also linked uncontrolled periodontal disease with heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and low birth weight. All patients are carefully assessed and managed to maximise chances of arresting any periodontal disease. 
For unrestorable or missing teeth we offer you all the current measures available for replacement. These include implants, dentures, crowns and bridges. We use very experienced local technicians and the best materials possible for all our prosthetic work.  
Root canal therapy allows retention of irreversibly infected and necrotic teeth. This procedure is aimed at relieving you from pain. High standards are adhered to at every stage to ensure maximum success. 
Childrens Dentistry
A pleasant first experience at the dentist is instrumental in paving a future of good oral health and regular attendance, we take this very seriously. We see a large number of younger patients therefore our practice is well equipped and our staff highly experienced in this field. 
Teeth Whitening
A check up and clean is required prior to any whitening procedures this ensures the procedure is done safely and effectively. We offer both in chair laser whitening and take home whitening kits. 
We use modern instruments that require minimum force resulting in increased comfort for you and faster healing. For more involved surgical removal of teeth we may refer you to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Mouth guards, Night guards, Retainers
Depending on your dental requirements these appliances can be accurately made through quick and painless impressions of your teeth. We send the impressions to a quality local laboratory with prompt turnaround times.